Life’s Cruel

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What i am going to say is true. Life is always so hard … so complicated. You try understanding it, try living it, try to smile but you know your always going to bleed inside. You know there is someone who always wants to kill you, to hurt you. When you’re in school, theres someone always pointing at you, their fist waiting… you try ignoring them but it becomes difficult. You can’t go anywhere without someone pointing at you…laughing :(. You try overcoming this and you go home. When you ring the doorbell…your moms waiting…unhappy. You don’t even get a hug. No one even cares. You just lie down on your bed…thinking hard. Then the doorbell rings…you go running to open the door, thinking there might be someone who cares…a friend but you know who it is before you even do. Dad comes in, he just sits down, not saying a word…its like you’re in trouble but after a while you get used to it. He screams at you, theres no where to run but your room. You know if you do…he will just scream even more! Your stomach has butterflies and you want to die on the spot. You want death to just come and kill you but at the end…life just gets even worse…So at the end you just end up at your pc…laptop…typing…just so you can feel a little better!


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FARTS (Fertilized Abnormal Retarded Terrifying Smell)

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     They crinkled their noses and wondered what that awful smell could be? They knew that a false move could trigger any booby trap hidden inside this awful tunnel, but they keep going on trying to earn fame and money by killing the monster that was making that awful smell. With only a knife, a mask, a rope, and night vision goggles, they crept on further keeping to the walls, so that a even a small booby trap couldn’t catch them unaware. They were 7 of them, three had already died by smelling the awful smell, but the comrades learned, and put on their mask. They turned on their night vision goggles and crept on further.

            Along the way, they saw many crocodiles guarding the tunnels, still keeping to the tunnels and smelling the awful smell that was getting stronger; they crept on, trying to hope not to catch the crocodile’s attention, but too late! A comrade had sneezed; all of them came awake and saw the men in the tunnel. The general had an idea, since he had spotted the crocodile’s leader; he had made a plan to kill their leader, so that they could control this army of crocodiles. So, hurrying on (and crossing their fingers) they swiftly moved through the crocodiles and jumped, landing on the leader’s head. The leader was shocked, but the 5 comrades didn’t care they took their knives and started to scratch, poke, and swish through the leader’s back until he became a bit tired to move, and then the general took his knife, went under the crocodile, and swished his blade, killing the crocodile instantly. Then, all the crocodile who were guarding the tunnels bowed their head until it touched the ground. The general had himself an army!

            So, the smell grew on, but it didn’t bother the crocodiles, the general and his 4 comrades had their masks on tightly. The smell was growing stronger.

            Walking through the tunnel, the general and his army kept on going and going, until they heard a very strange sound, it was like some elephants were sleeping. They were snoring very loudly, their echoes echoing double as loud. But, the general wasn’t bothered much about that. He was trying to look for their leader, but he couldn’t find any. So, with a loud shout he said “Elephants, giver up your lives and join up with my army! We will lose a lot of losses if you don’t, just give up and surrender!” The elephants all woke up with a mighty rose, feeling that they were surrounded, they just bowed to the floor and stared at the ground, they had no choice! They had to be in the general’s army.

            Now, the general was ready, he kept on going further and further, the smell becoming kind of faint, up ahead he could see a light! It was very faint and he could also hear a voice and many rumbling sounds. “Confounded thing, why won’t you work?!? I have made all the screws tight, just try to make the smell come out! It is the last bottle of that gas, I can’t get anymore!” The general moved his army twice as fast as they were going now. Moving his army with speed, he came to the end of the tunnel, realizing that he had come into a room which was huge with a lot of guards, many doors, a rumbling machine, and a very mad looking Albert Einstein! He kept his voice level low and said something that chilled all the animal’s that were there, he said “You wait, you and your confounded machine, I am going to kill you all!” But he was kind of wrong because while his army attacked, tons of guards came rushing through the door, and the general realized then that he needed a good plan so he said to his army, “Attack the nerdy and evil looking Einstein and his confounded machine then we will take care of the guards, so the animals bid what he said, they broke down the machine and stampeded over the Einstein. Then he saw that the guards were wimpy looking idiots, so he said to his army “Stampede them!” Then the guards looked at the size of the elephants and then ran away before anybody could even blink their eyes.

            The general had won the war and his 4 comrades stayed with him, but the elephants and crocodiles went back to living their peaceful lives without the smell! The general look happy and then he said to him comrades “See you at the gates of heaven (not!)” And with 4 slashes, his comrades had been slain, and then the general thought to himself wickedly, I have my fame and rich and only I share it, none other, but me!!!




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             Brian Jacques’s “Redwall” is a great book to read. This book has a lot of adventure, action, suspense, and humor in it. 


In this book, the Abbey animals try to defend themselves from an evil tyrant named Cluny the Scourge. Cluny the Scourge had a plan. His plan was mainly to capture the Redwall Abbey, but it wasn’t such an easy job. So, Cluny keeps attacking the Abbey, but the Abbey defenders are doing everything to stop Cluny. While all this is happening, Mathias, a young mouse decides to get the sword of his grandsire Martin the Warrior. Martin the Warrior was a great Warrior and his sword also told the same tale. So, Mathias decides to get Martin’s sword. Will Martin get the sword? Will the Abbey defenders have what it takes to defend the Abbey? You can find that out if you read the book!  

A Blast in Marriot

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     A blast in one of the most luxurious hotels in Pakistan had happened. It happened in Sunday, September 21, 2008. It happened at 8 P.M. At least a hundred people were found dead and many more injured from the blast. The clues all show that al Qaida had done the attacks, but the police aren’t sure. It has been said that a small truck carrying more than a ton of explosives had done that. A small bomb had caused the other bombs to explode. Imagine the poor people who were stuck inside the building.

A Famous Person to Meet

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     A famous person I would like to meet is Zakir Naik. He is a very good Islamic scholar. Zakir Naik has studied and memorized the religious book for all the religions like he has memorized and studied the Quran, Bible, and many of these kinds of books. Zakir Naik has also debated about different kind of religious issues and he also does a very good job of debating. He mainly tries to explain to people about what kind of laws Islam has and what Islam is all about. He tries very hard to tell people about what kind of things they should and shouldn’t do. Zakir Naik also talks about political reasons and some organizations are opened because of him. I mainly want to be like Dr. Zakir Naik because he is a very religious person and I also wanted to be a religious person.   

A Letter to England

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Dear father, Mark Penn, and all my friends,

As you may already have known, I have joined the Quakers. We are a good society believing in non violence. Non violent people are called Pacifists. So, I think we are Pacifists.

I have also learned lots of knowledge about scholarship and many other skills. I know how to write, read, and do many other things a scholar knows how to do.

Being as a Pacifist, we can’t attack any other human even if they are attacking us. It leads us to a problem because when we try going to England and America, they persecute us. We even lost Brother John and all he did was stand up for the religious rights of some Catholics. It was so sad! But, I learned from the mistakes. I now realize that we were in need of a colony so I went to Charles II to get permission to start a new colony.

In the new colony I had founded, I wanted everyone to remain equal. Usually in colonies, there was a dictator or a tyrant, but I wanted this colony to have a lot of freedom. I also wanted to find this colony because I wanted a safe home for the Quakers. I knew that most of us would be persecuted in the other colonies, so I wanted this colony to be mainly the home of Quakers.

Right now, I am pondering about what new rules to make in my new colony, Pennsylvania. I already have made many rules. Some of theses rules are strict, but I think they are better for my colony. Some of the rules are that the government should care for the poor; another rule is that no one can be a dictator or a tyrant in this colony, so I had made rights which stated that every man had the same rights including me. I knew there would be many issues about tyrants and dictators, but I made my rules very clear!

Today many Germans and Welsh Quakers came to this new colony. I couldn’t help, but feeling proud that my colony was already known this far. I also felt proud of saving so many people’s live from English and American colonies.

I have to go now, but remember me in your hearts. My colony is yours, too, so you can drop by anytime.         


                                                                                                            William Penn